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Welcome to the world of Tarot and Astrology

Thank you for visiting my website and you will find specialized answers to your questions.

We are all interconnected -nature, humans, planets and five elements. Scientifically, the movement of planets have an influence on all of us.
We are all One. The influence of Sun and Moon, in particularly has a great influence on our lives, though we are not able to see, feel, sense and acknowledge it to the fully extent

As evolved human beings, through the practise of Yoga and meditation, many of us since the Vedic period are able to see the connection and read the seeds lying dormant within us. The knowledge of astrology can be used in many ways. Even in epics, there were sages who would forewarn the kings and thus protect the kingdom.

All nine planets and the 27 Nakshatra's exercise their influence on us as they move in the zodiac. As soon as we are born, we carry an photographic imprint of the energy patterns at that point of time, which is called the seed within us.
This is caused by the energy emanating from the planetary Grahas at the time ,place of birth and the family you are born into. You also carry a genetic pattern of your parents within you and this combination creates a uniqueness about you. Astrology sheds light on the potential and your life path ahead, based on the 'seeds' carried within you.

Often these seeds are dormant, unless it is channelized in the right direction through meditation and astrology. Astrology is a map and meditation is the key to the door of your future.

In today's world- Tarot and Astrology are tools, guide you and bring 'Light' into the questions, for which you are seeking ;practical answers such as -whether you will get a visa, when are you likely to get married and have children, when you will get a job, which line of business or career is good for you.

In simple language, when you are driving on a highway and there are unseen speed breaker, and these tools of Tarot and Astrology shed light on the speed breakers warning you of the danger and thus you proactively reduce your speed of your vehicle.

The Ancient Shastras through the medium of Vedic Astrology reveal many hidden aspects to man’s destiny. As the energies of planet falls on you, the genetic imprints within you are activated, making you behave in a certain way.

?Today it is a well know fact that people use Astrology to time events, be it a Muhurat for marriage, new project launch, arrival of child in the family, starting overseas journey, starting a new job, Graha Pravesh ( entering your new house), conducting Pooja’s at home and many more.

Discover the potential in you. Become a flower by allowing the seed in you to transform.

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Courtesy-Raider Waite Tarot card & Osho Zen Tarot

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